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خوش آمدید.... در این وبلاگ سعی دارم آموخته های ناچیز خود را در زمینه زبان انگلیسی با تمام دوستان و هموطنان عزیزم به اشتراک بگذارم ... پیشاپیش هم از دوستان و استادان عزیزی که در این زمینه استاد ما هستند درخواست دارم که اگر خطا یا اشتباهی در وبلاگ دیدند ما را عفو کنند و بنده را مطلع سازند تا آن اشتباهات را اصلاح کنم .... با تشکر علی اکبر عطائی

جمعه 22 تیر‌ماه سال 1386
an interview with Will Smith

سطح: پیشرفته




Hi everybody


How is it going?



I had downloaded a very interesting audio file, which is actually the interview of Will Will Smith, Afghan ESLSmith with Reader's Digest Magazine, then I thought it would be a good idea to put it here so that everybody can listen to it and enjoy.


Will smith is a successful western actor who has starred in many well known movies such as: Bad boys, Men in black, I Robot, Hitch, pursuit of happiness and ...


I like this interview very much because Will smith talks about different aspect of his life and about his success.

I like it a lot because I learnt a lot and I'm sure every one of you will enjoy listening to this interview.


the only problem is that the size of files is a little large and it takes a long time for the ones who use dial-up connections to download them, but it's worth it, believe me.


Click here to download will smith's interview (rm format) size: 57 mb


Click here to download will smith's interview (wma format) size: 75 mb


Other parts of web log will be activated soon, so be patient.


I need a co-writer for this web log, anybody who thinks is able to help me, contact me so that I send them the invitation.


Take care

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